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about us

 As an ant enthusiat, I have been keeping a wide range of ants since 2015 & have experimented with a
great variety of ant keeping nests (formicaria) along the way. But my true foundations were built upon the ant keeping YouTube channel,


Through this YouTube channel, I was able to create content that helped new & experienced ant keepers raise colonies successfully. With that said, I always had true ambitions to create something game-changing that could make ant keeping fun & educational. This is where ANT HIVE was created.

ANT HIVE Founder - Cameron

where we are now

I always looked at the ant keeping market and thought, what is missing? Having spent nearly a year building a business plan, concepting, market researching & branding, I finally came up with ANT HIVE. A new ant keeping retailer that provides keepers with a different expirience. 


Operating out of a small workshop with a PC, CNC & 3D Printer, I manufactured our first flagship formicaria. These nests are a result of countless hours of designing, prototyping & testing but I have big aspirations to make much more! This is where we look to the future of ANT HIVE.

where we want to be

As I look to the future of ANT HIVE, I imagine more nest designs, starter kits, foraging areas & further manufacturing capabilities. I also want ANT HIVE to be as sustainable as it can be by taking environmentally friendly initiatives.
All this to say, there is a lot to look forward to.


I would personally like to thank you for supporting my small business that is ANT HIVE & I invite you to join me on my journey of fun & educational ant keeping formicaria development!

- Cameron, ANT HIVE Founder